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Early Care Institute (Childcare Management Solutions): Courses


This category includes topics from the Core of Knowledge Areas (CKO) recognized by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).

  • Cost: $25.00

    In this 3 hour course the participant will explore the importance of play and the role that educators can contribute in preparing their curriculum.
    CKO Curriculum

  • This 3 hour course will help develop positive communication skills, provide supportive ideas to enhance the teacher's motivation and professionalism, and help develop his or her team-building skills.
    CKO Professionalism

  • This 3 hour course will focus on the developmental growth of babies from birth to three. Participants with understand the stages of development and how to engage babies for their optimum development. CKO Child Development
  • This 6 hour course will lead participants through thinking, planning, and taking action on their personal and professional development. CKO Professionalism