Early Care Institute (Childcare Management Solutions)


Policies and Procedures

Online Course Format Early Care Institute courses are offered via an interactive interface in which course materials can be viewed through your computer or downloaded through your computer. All materials posted will consist of PDF documents, PowerPoint Presentations, and Video Clips from YouTube or any other online streaming video source. Hybrid Courses Format Early Care Institute Courses that are delivered in a hybrid format consist of a specified number of hours online and a specified number in a classroom setting.

Course Deadlines
As an online participant, you have the opportunity to work at your own pace from your own computer, HOWEVER, you must adhere to the deadlines listed within each course. Any extensions must be approved by CMS. Course time frames:

  • 3 hour course 1 week;
  • 6 to 9 hour course 2 weeks;
  • 12 to 18 hour course 4 weeks;
  • 24 hour course 6 weeks;
  • 45 hour course 8 weeks;

If you do not successfully complete the requirements of the course by the deadline, you forfeit access to the course and may be unenrolled if you do not contact our office. If you have problems with your computer it is your responsibility to obtain alternative access. It is the responsibility of the course participants to find other avenues to meet the deadline of the course.

Course Pre-requisites
All participants must have a high school diploma or equivalent. All online courses are offered in English. If you are having difficulty understanding or completing the written assignments due to any language barriers, it is the responsibility of the course participant to find other avenues to supplement understanding. Refunds will not be given if the course participant has difficulty in understanding the language of the course. Our platform is designed to work with IBM compatible computers and Apple Mac computers. The platform does not support Android and IPAD devices.

Certificates will only be rewarded once the course management system has confirmed that All assignments, tests, read materials, video clips and quizzes have been read, viewed or passed.

Grading Policy
All assignments are graded by a live instructor. If you have not received a grade within 3 business days, contact the instructor through the course management system. If there is no response, call 301-203-7648 and speak with the Training Director.

Assignments should not be submitted by cell phone or tablet. The learning management system does not work with smart phones and tablets.

All tests and quizzes are graded electronically and your grade will post immediately. All participants must receive a 80% or higher on ALL assignments, tests and quizzes in order to pass the course. All assignments are to be uploaded via the course management system. Assignments that are emailed, faxed or hand-delivered, will be discarded and not transferred into to course management system. Moreover, assignments will be graded in chronological order.

Once you have completed the requirements for each module your assignment for that specific module will be graded. If an assignment is submitted more than 3 times due to error, and if the instructor has worked with you to fix the error, then you will be subject to disenrollment without a refund.

Clicking, Switching and Skipping

All materials posted within any of the online classes are to be viewed and read. Simply clicking on the material and switching to another topic does not support learning and retention of the information presented. Skipping through the course and just completing the assignments and quizzes are not actions that warrant a certificate of completion for the course. Be sure to view all the information in a chronological order and complete assignments and quizzes that correspond with the modules that are being worked on.

Technical Assistance
Technical Assistance will be given to online course participants every Wednesday from 12pm-2pm. Please call the Training Director to schedule your appointment for assistance on (301) 203-7648. This service will be provided during office hours by appointment only.

Terms & Conditions

1. Read the entire course policy before enrolling
2. It is your responsibility to be sure that you are enrolling in the appropriate class for your state requirements. Each state has different training requirements and courses. If you do not know your requirements you should call or email your specialist/monitor or read your regulations to be sure that you are enrolling in a course that meets your state requirements or certifications.
3. You have a GED or High School Diploma that is recognized by your State.
4. You have the ability to read, write and understand English.
5. If you are taking a Blended class you will meet online and classroom training requirements.
6. You will meet all class expectations and deadline dates.
7. You will submit work that will meet the minimum passing of 80%.
8. You understand that proficiency will be required to take online training and can meet those requirements. If you begin taking a course and do not meet online proficiency standards you can be dropped from course and your payment will not be refunded.

No refunds are provided. Please review all of the information before deciding to take a class. All payments are final.

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